The rare magic of emailing while drunk...I was sitting up late with my brother-in-law Ray one night, when he said I loved those tracks you did with Carmel back in the 80s, which prompted me to dig out the CD and play them right there and then. They certainly did sound good - so good I went straight online and banged out a gushy, drunken message via myspace. I heard back from Carmel the next day. One thing led to another. I told her, "I'm working on my next album and wonder if you fancied collaborating on one or two tracks?" So I sent up a handful of tracks in progress and a couple of months later went up to Altrincham Manchester to stay with her, her boyfriend Dickon and son Ollie for a few days.
What surprised me most, apart from how easy it was working together, was that she had taken a short snippet that, in the meantime, I had thought of ditching and turned it into "dress of green". At one point she said, "this needs some male backing vocals," and she made me sing. So, thanks to her, she opened the floodgates and I found it hard to stop myself singing backing vocals on other tracks. We wrote and recorded in 3 days and then, some months later she came down to London to do another take on "I want your love". Thanks Carmel - you certainly can sing! It also goes to show that sometimes, just sometimes, sending a message while drunk can be a good thing.

David Motion

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