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My Father gave Vera and me a poem (and a beautiful drawing) on our wedding in June 2009. Over time I thought it might work well with Edward Fox reading it over one of the pieces on the new album. I cornered Mr Fox at The Winery a few months ago and asked if he could possibly do it. He said he'd be happy to. Yay!
He came up to my studio on Thursday 20th May, we chatted and then he read it about 8 times and then said, "I'll try to simplify it a bit" and read it another 4 or 5 times. We went for a Flat White and he went home. I then started sifting through the takes and put the simple version over the piece I had earmarked. It just fitted so beautifully that I was wishing the poem was longer. Much longer. So then I started playing around with different treatments; a 1950s wireless radio type sound, then some delays and reverse reverb. Next thing you know I'm cycling one 8-bar passage and I'm in tears. Really caught me off guard. I ended up using several of the takes in various forms. With just one tiny tweak in the final choruses the day after, the piece was done. I owe him a very long lunch (with wine)!
The piece is now called "As long as longing lasts". Check out the site we just put up about my Dad www.davidcfreeman.co.uk
1) Edward Fox in my studio 20.05.10
2) Dad's poem
3) Edward Fox
4) Dad's drawing
5) Edward Fox

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